How Can Blogging Help Your Business

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When you blog, you get to see how each article you post performs for your website: how many people read it, for example. You can rework your top performing blog posts into new pieces of content on social media. Here's how: Go to Google Analytics and click on Behavior, then Site Content and Content Drilldown. You'll see a list of your top performing posts. Now do this:

  1. Remembering that companies change over time, ask yourself whether the content is still relevant to your business. Obviously, you do not want to waste your time rewriting content that doesn't fit.
  2. Select the posts that more people have read. Those are the ones that your customers and prospective customers seemed to like, right? They are more likely to read similar content in the future.
  3. They'll read similar content if it presents something new to them - new research, a new idea, a new take on it. Think about how you'll do that. It may help to write a long list of possibilities in between waiting on customers, straightening your stock, ordering, teaching employees - you get the idea. When the list is long enough, whittle it down to the doable.
  4. Relying on your list, rewrite the content as many times as you have social media. That is, you may have separate posts for Facebook, Twitter and so forth.