Bing Analytics

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Making your advertising more effective results in better Return On Investment (ROI). With Bing Analytics, you can keep track of which pages people visit on your website when they arrive by clicking on one of your Bing Ads. By using Bing Analytics, you learn what behaviors leads to conversion, which is completing a transaction like making a purchase or signing up for an enewsletter. Understanding those behaviors can help you improve your text ads, your website and your ROI.

Bing Analytics is available by signing into Bing Ads.

The service relies on creating tracking codes, which are added to pages on a website. When a visitor views one of your pages that contain a tracking code, Bing Ads gather that information and send it to Microsoft, which makes it available in reports at Bing Ads.

At Bing Ads, you can define goals, set a landing page, follow visitors as they browse through your website, identify when they become good prospects, note when they convert (do a desired transaction) and track revenue.

Bing Ads also allows for custom settings that track campaigns on third-party ad services.

Implementing Bing Analytics is a huge undertaking. You can best begin by visiting Bing’s Campaign Analytics Training page. Bing offers telephone help at no charge or you may contact us for paid help by filling out the contact form in the right column on this page.