Bing Business Portal

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As you build out your Search Engine Optimization strategy to develop traffic to your website, which can in turn become consumers at your brick-and-mortar store, the Bing Business Portal is important. About 1 in 6 people use Bing as their search engine. While this is a lot fewer than use Google, it is too many people for your business to ignore.

Bing serves local search results in many categories, probably including your industry. Having a completed Bing business listing helps point more people towards your website and physical location. The Bing Business Profile is a free service.

You will need a Microsoft Account to use the Bing Business Portal. A Microsoft Account has been known by various names but basically it is the log-in that you may use already for Hotmail (or, Messenger (or Skype), Xbox LIVE and other Microsoft services. If various people in your business will be updating this listing, you may want to create a business-only log-in.