Dynamic Websites

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For many people today, your company does not exist unless you have a website. One type of website is a Dynamic Website or Content Management System (CMS) Website. What this basically means is that you are easily able to edit, revise or update the content through a management system that we provide. A CMS puts you in control of your website, allowing you to grow it at whatever speed your business requires. This way your company website will also be up to date no matter how fast your industry or your company changes.

We will start you with a great design, all the basic pages and a contact page so that people may reach you about becoming customers. Your CMS website may also include news items, photo gallery or blog.

You can add as many pages as you want ‐ growing it as big as you want1. Adding or editing content is separated from any sort of coding. This means that you do not need to know anything about technology. Just log in, click “Add” to write a new page or click on the page you want to edit, and go to work editor. It is that easy for you to update your website any time without accidentally “breaking” it.

New pages that you write will appear online at once. They automatically look like your other pages. And because you handle this in-house, updating and growing your website doesn’t cost you any more money.

Your CMS website is set up with search engines in mind. Without you doing a thing, your content is available when people search online. The more unique, relevant, fresh content you add, the better you search rankings, readership, customer engagement and new customers.

For information on what sort of website can work best for your company, contact us by email.

1Full disclosure: You’ll add pages using Markdown, which is easy to work with. Adding more than 1,000 pages may slow your website. You may be limited in adding more items to the navigation menu at the top. When your website gets large, bandwidth limits may apply.