21 Things To Blog About

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Once you’ve added an Internet strategy to your company’s marketing that involves blogging, the first several articles are a joy to write. Here are thought starters for when thoughts don’t flow for the next blog post.

  1. Describe your company’s superior service
  2. Dig deeper into changing customer patterns at your store, and write about how your business has met those consumer changes
  3. Tell people about a little-known service your company offers that is quite profitable
  4. Rave about a new product line
  5. Promote a sale
  6. Mention seasonal specials being offered in just one department
  7. Give an “atta boy” to an employee who just earned a new certification that shows how much your people know and how much they can help consumers
  8. Copy and paste a customer email about an employee who offered exceptional customer service (asking your customer’s permission)
  9. Summarize other testimonials going back years
  10. Explain your company’s superior money-back offer
  11. Detail how you personally use one of your company’s products
  12. Opine about changes you would like to see in your industry
  13. Write about free or paid classes your company offers that are related to your core business
  14. Explain why your company recently changed – to stay in tune with the times, to offer better customer service, whatever the reason it is huge for your company
  15. Write about what your people are already doing to be ready for consumers in the next season
  16. Rant in a nice, specific way about how your product or service solves problems
  17. Tell stories about the funniest things that ever happened in your company
  18. Answer questions customers most often ask about your company
  19. Write about the most important things you like a new employee to know about your company
  20. Create a poll about your business, and then post results
  21. Write about your passions for your industry