How To Have More Readers

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Understanding why you write a blog for your business will produce better articles.

As a local retailer, you blog to bring traffic to your business website. You bring traffic to your website to help consumers want to walk in the door of your brick-and-mortar store and become customers or clients. But why are you in business?

“Get excited about your company”

What makes you want to show up every morning? If it’s just somewhere to hang your hat while your employees do the real work, you’re not likely to write a blog that will have prospective new customers sit up and take notice.

Making money is a good thing. Being excited about the money-making opportunities in your business is better than merely having a place to hang your hat. But if your business plan is nothing more than making money, you’re limiting yourself.

If your company exists to provide a high level of customer service, to be a great place for your employees to work, to set industry standards or to accomplish other worthy goals while providing a great living for yourself, then you have a great story to tell. A story in which you get excited about your company.

And if you implement well as a manager, you’ve taken another huge step forward. To be sure, how good you are as a manager is a crucial linchpin in the success of your company. And the better you are as a manager, the more those customers or clients are worth who walk through your front door because of a series of good articles that you posted online.

Write better blog pieces

“Why should consumers visit your brick-and-mortar store?” is a similar question to “Why should readers visit your blog?”

As you set the tone for your blog, think of issues or problems your business deals with. If you’re an auto parts retailer, maybe you enjoy selling them the right chemicals to clean their car and make it shine. A bead shop owner could thrill to teaching classes where people get really good at creating quality bead bling. Running a restaurant can bring satisfactions including selling quality meals at good prices or providing exceptional flavors at a premium.

Think about what you love about your business, and put those thoughts to words in your business articles.

Creating better content will keep people coming back to your business website. Some of your website visitors will find their way into your brick-and-mortar location.