More Thought Starters

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Recap: After a successful launch to your company blog, you’ve hit a dry spell. You reviewed 21 Things To Blog About and you’re still drawing a blank. Here are more different directions to go to get writing:

  • Consult a legal pad that you carry with you to jot down ideas for moments like these
  • Retrieve notes you took at an industry trade show (this may cover several weeks of blogging)
  • Review the list of keywords you were provided when your blog was installed; these are long tail keywords that help you drill down into your business
  • Make a list: 11 must-ask questions about your industry, 19 things people love about one of your leading brands, and so forth
  • Drill into speeches you’ve delivered for nuggets to turn into articles
  • Look through our blog categories and write in one you’ve neglected – or establish a new category
  • Read your trade association’s website, pick one part that resonates with you and write about it, including a link to the trade association - after you post, email your trade association to request a reciprocal link
  • Go to a search engine, type, “what to blog about” and read articles in the results pages
  • Add a Google News Alert related to your industry; comment on new articles that you read as a result
  • Use Google Trends to dig into your industry for blogging ideas
  • Find out what’s hot by visiting and putting your industry into their internal search box
  • Review a book about your industry (and post a link to where the book can be purchased)
  • Read your competitor’s blog (you can write a better article than they do!)
  • Use guest posts from a customer, manufacturer’s rep or employee
  • List 100 ideas, no matter how idiotic they seem, just write without editing until you have 100; you will find several great article ideas buried in the list (with a tip of the hat to Earl Nightingale for this idea)