Email Marketing

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Email marketing is sending an advertisement to people using email. It can be used to announce sales, specials, new offerings or coupons. Emails are sent to current customers or website visitors that have opted into them.

Email marketing is similar to newsletters and transactional emails, in that all deal with interactions with customers and prospective customers using email. Newsletters, however, serve other interests like building loyalty or trust, while transactional emails are sent based on one individual's transaction with a store. Examples of transactions include putting items into a shopping cart, requesting more information or making a purchase.

Start an email ad with an exciting subject line. Subject lines are the first impression a business makes when emails are received. Without a good subject line, the email might not get opened and read. Keep subject lines brief and interesting.

Get right to the sale, special or offer in the body of the email. As people are often busy doing other things while glancing at emails, keep it short. Link to a landing page with more information. This means that when someone clicks on a link in the email, they are taken to a page on your website that affirms the message in the email, expands on it and includes a call to action.

Use images sparingly – images do take time to download and some email software do not handle images well - and design emails such that messages can be read even if images are not displayed in a recipient’s email program. Issues like that can be handled by using an email marketing service.

Build an email marketing list from existing customers and people who visit the website. Make it easy for website visitors to click a link and sign up. Consider rewarding people who sign up for your email list with a special product or service or a discount.

With each email campaign, pay attention to what subject lines and content seems to inspire the best return. Use that information to make your next campaign more effective. In time, you will see excellent return from your email marketing.

Note: Don’t send spam. That is, do not send unsolicited emails without permission to people your business has no relationship with. Generally these sorts of emails do not do much good for your business and can be illegal.