Facebook Boost

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Boost is Facebook’s paid feature to push posts to more people on Facebook and Instagram. When boosting, a business can segment the intended audience by interests, age, gender and country. Without spending any money, people can still read the posts. However, using Boost helps a business to reach more people than otherwise.

A business can select from various call to action buttons, depending on the business’ industry, content of the post or desired action: Like Page, Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Shop Now, Play Game, Sign Up, Watch Video or Donate Now. As an example, the Sign Up button can take readers to a landing page on a business website, which gives reasons to subscribe to a newsletter.

The cost of boosting depends on how many people a business wants to reach. There a Boost Post button on posts. When clicked, a businessperson sees suggested budgets or can set a custom budget. As more people engage with a page (post), the cost per impression drops. The cost rises as posts becomes stale - usually a couple days later, which is why Boost campaigns are short-lived.

Once a campaign runs, Facebook Insights, which is their analytics, can be put to work to see how many people it reached. Business website analytics will show how many visitors came from Facebook. Businesspeople can analyze how well the online became offline based on traffic through the front door of the business, how many new faces were seen, how many old faces were seen for the first time in a while, and what the actual sales were.