Twitter Ads

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Twitter is a social networking service that can generate new business without spending a dime. However, more new customers can be achieved by advertising on Twitter.

Before starting, determine what must happen for the campaign to be considered a success. As with any advertising, the usual end result is to sell enough products or services to more than justify the money spent. The calculation should include the value of a new customer over the next year, not just on the initial visit to the brick-and-mortar location.

Once logged in, a business chooses its campaign. Is the goal to add followers, get conversions (retweeting, liking or clicking on a link), promote a tweet or something else? Ads can be targeted based on consumer behaviors, followers, gender, interests, language or location. Use Twitter’s tools to select run dates and daily budget, making sure that the number of days in the run multiplied by the daily budget does not exceed the total amount to be spent. Automatic bidding optimizes the price per action Twitter takes for the campaign. Once each day’s budget is reached, ads will no longer appear.

As with using Twitter without advertising, Twitter’s analytics come into play. When advertising, though, a business owner tracks how much has been spent, total impressions, results and other factors to determine how well the campaign worked. The end goal is to turn that online activity into offline results – traffic into the business, new faces through the door and actual sales. Once that has been determined, and it’s an inexact science, a businessperson will be able to determine what adjustments to make when running the next Twitter campaign.