Google My Business

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You already know how important a Search Engine Optimization strategy is to your business. It makes sense to add Google+ For Business to your strategy. The reason it makes sense is because your local brick-and-mortar Google+ profile helps add information to your Google Places page. The Google Places page is what people see on a map as they search for local businesses like florists, funeral homes or pizza restaurants. To quote Google’s help documents, “Local Google+ pages are unique from other categories of pages because they have features that allow customers to easily connect with that business’s physical location.”

In search, your company competes with national businesses, some of whom have very large budgets to optimize their websites and secure first-page positions. Even with Google serving results based on IP addresses, your opportunity to be seen on the first page may be reduced. On the other hand, Google+ For Business gives your business the opportunity the opportunity to rank well locally along with your website URL, hours of operation, photos, a coupon and other goodies for a prospective new customer. And it is free for you to use!

In “SEO Advice From The Experts”, a video from Google I/O 2010, Greg Grothaus said that an owner-verified listing will get your business extra points for some search queries that show up locally.