Inbound Marketing

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Back in the day, marketing was about hustling people into your business. You advertised through radio, television, print or some other media. Your efforts to build your brand and attract customers through traditional media were often seen as interruptions. Response rates could be low, as a huge part of the media audience just wasn't interested. At the same time, if your offer was good, your competitors' offers weren't better, the weather was good and the moon aligned with the planets, you would do great business as a result.

Fast forward to today. Old fashioned outbound advertising still works, only not as good as it used to. With the rise of the Internet, you need a Search Engine Optimization strategy that includes inbound marketing.

With inbound marketing, you invite potential new customers to become familiar with your company through your website and blog, which they discover through search. As these consumers read through your past posts, they become emotionally connected to your business and keep coming back to read your latest article. Each visit to your site is a step closer to getting them to walk through your front door and make your cash register ring.