Brochure Websites

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An attractive brochure website gets your brick-and-mortar business online, attracts visitors and entices them to send an email, place a phone call or walk through the front door – all in hopes of turning them into customers. These websites are inexpensive. They are not updated often. They tend to be popular among local brick-and-mortar businesses.

While every website is different, brochure websites typically offer basic information about a business and do not have a lot of pages:

  • Home page
  • Products and services
  • A page about the company, its history and personnel
  • Directions, a map
  • Terms of Service
  • Contact page

Brochure websites are set up with search engines in mind, to draw as much traffic as possible. This includes incorporating keywords, or words people generally use when searching in your industry, where they make sense.

Select a brochure website if your marketing message is simple, content does not change or watching the budget is crucial. Send us an email for more information.

We design down-to-earth websites that reflect your business. We recognize that even on a website with only a few pages, navigation, design and content are still important.

If a brochure website does not fit your business plan, you may need a dynamic website, also referred to as a CMS Website.