Promoted Pins

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Advertising on Pinterest involves Promoted Pins, which are like regular Pins, only business people pay to have them seen by more people. As of early 2017, your business can also buy targeted ads using Pinterest Search advertising.


  1. Go to your Pinterest profile, click on Ads, and select Awareness, Engagement or Traffic.
    • Awareness to bring more people to your Pinterest boards, knowing that the more people who see them, the more people will walk into your store
    • Engagement to build a larger Pinterest following and get more visibility for your pins
    • Traffic to send visitors to your website, preferably to a landing page or a page that can work as your landing page
  2. Name your ad group. You may run different campaigns, so pick a name that helps you remember what is for – wedding flowers, herbal tea, porcelain dolls, whatever works for you and your business.
  3. Set the budget for the campaign. Limit how much you invest each day, so it fits your budget. Set start and end dates, or just let it run.
  4. Establish targeting, reaching people based on their interests, keywords, gender or other criteria.
  5. Pick the geography you want to reach using Pinterest’s Locations section. Geography is important, as you want to reach people who could physically walk into your store. With more than 200 locations in the U.S., your business is going to fit into one. The location you select is likely to be broader than your secondary marketing area but it will still be narrower than paying to reach the entire country.
  6. Set your maximum bid – how much you’re willing to spend for each desired action. Pinterest recommends that you start with a strong bid to establish a baseline for performance and adjust from there once the campaign is underway.
  7. Pick pins to help your reach your business goals. Generally, you will want to promote pins that have done well during the past month. For help, Pinterest can show you which of your pins have been clicked or repinned most during the last 30 days.
  8. Set up conversion tracking. This helps you see how effective your campaign is.

Udemy offers a free course, Pinterest Marketing 2016: Learn how to market on Pinterest! For the hands-on aspects of the video instruction, you will need to have a business website that you want to market.

The link to Udemy isn't an affiliate link. No money changes hands because you click on it.